What we do?

Business Development Service to MSMEs

but not limited to the following: 
Access to market
Market research
b)Market information 
c)Marketing strategies

Policy development
a)Analysis of policy constraints and opportunities
b)Development of procedure manuals

Input supply
a)Linking M-SMEs to input suppliers
b)Improving suppliers’ capacity to deliver quality inputs
c)Facilitating establishment of bulk buying groups
d)Information on input supply sources, etc.
e)Facilitating establishment of bulk buying groups
f) Information on input supply sources, etc.

  • Training and technical assistance

a)Business mentor-ship and coaching

b)Feasibility studies

c)Business plan development

d)Business management training

e)Accountancy and bookkeeping technical training

f)Franchising management.

  •Investment readiness program

a)Step 0: having/creating a network of investors at reach

a)Step 1: Share Materials based on our investment-readiness questionnaires

b)Step 2: Interview Founders / CEO/MD/GD...

c)Step 3: Crunching Materials

d)Step 4: Shortlisting the eligible businesses

e)Step 5: Signing a contract with Reporting and Next steps

f)Step 6: Training program

g)Step 7: Coaching program

h)Step 8: Investment matching

i)Step 8: Follow-up